About Mess Inn Semarang

Previously we would like to thank you for your trust, loyal customers of Mess Inn Semarang, now Mess Inn Semarang is present in order to meet customer demand to our rooms that are often full, with a location that is strategic in the city center of Semarang.

Mess Inn Semarang is near Station Poncol Semarang, just within 600 meters, and 1.5 km from Tawang Station, well traversed by Bus Trans Semarang allows customers to get around to all areas of Semarang. Besides Mess Inn Semarang is also close to the Paragon Mall, Pasaraya Sri Satu, Johar Market, Mini Market, Bank, Spa, and Culinary Center.

Mess Inn Semarang is equipped with a standard exceeding exclusive hotel. We provide breakfast, unlimited tea & coffee, wifi, cable tv, movie theaters, warm water, fitness, kitchen, laundry, and play area. There is also a Free Shuttle and Tour Packages Semarang at preferential prices. Our motto, "We are here to serve all your needs" we will strive to serve you with all our strength and our hearts.